As complementary services, we have a division to cope with ranches and field’s needs:

A tractor with share plow service.

A disc harrow with seeded box.

A lawn mower, 500kg winder or a last generation balder to wrap with string, not with wire.

Fumigation machines.


Mulchers: they can be used to weed or shred all types of vegetation, and be left as organic material to be incorporated into the soil. It can also be used to open a path for the cattle to circulate.

A bulldozer as a tractor accessory. We also have a laser land leveler implement to level to 0.

Branch chippers, and forestry chippers for larger logs.

    Base address at San Martin de los Andes: 40th Route, 2227 km

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    02972 424054
    0299 4198801

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