This division has a diversity of road equipment such as a motor grader, a backhoe, wheel loader, bulldozer, dump trucks, an excavator with hydraulic hammer, road rollers and an asphalt paver.
Our trucks fleet configuration goes from 4x2, 6x2, 6x6 to 8x4.
We also have crawler-mounted bobcat machines with excavator, shovel, roller compactor, and sweeper, as well as mulchers in order to provide services in sectors of the mountain with difficult access.


Excavations of all kinds.

Settlement for stalls.

Work completion for landscaping.

Road construction and maintenance.

Rock breaking hammers.

Cleaning up land with mulchers.

Soil compacting.

Road paving.

Slope construction.

We have several implements for our excavator to ensure better versatility in the services we provide. Such as:

Hydraulic hammers.

Post hole digger.

Sieve bucket: perfect for material selection, it allows you to recover the right material before or after a crushing stage.

Selecting plier: design for the selection and movement of different materials, its 360º hydraulic rotation allows it to handle big loads, pipes, logs, stones, etc.

Mulcher: a machine to cut up grass, leaves, etc.

    Base address at San Martin de los Andes: 40th Route, 2227 km

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    02972 424054
    0299 4198801

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