We offer long distance transportation services to any point in the country and internationally. Our fleet consists of configurable multi-line equipment that together with the crane support allows the comprehensive handling of special loads.

Safety is a key element in our transport system. This is why we use the RSV satellite monitoring system for real-time tracking and location of all our units. The system recognizes events, generates alerts and notices, and send commands to the vehicles in real time keeping total control on the fleet.


Trucks with shallow semi-trailers whose configuration complies with the new regulations and allows transporting up to 52.5 tons, allowing to lower the cost per ton transported.

Trailers with dimensions of 2,6m to 3,5m.

Light trailers to carry loads with bulk.

Extra low trailer with removable gooseneck for carrying road machinery.

Trailers that can transport refrigerated cargo.

Tanker trucks to supply fuel.

    Base address at San Martin de los Andes: 40th Route, 2227 km

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